Use online publishing to excite PSHE pupils

While setting up the Citizenship website, I came across a great publishing tool that I’ve used to create our online magazines. Issuu, which is a bit like YouTube but for printed documents, allows you to load up your documents and then transform them into professional online magazines, brochures or even story books in just a couple of minutes. It led me to think that surely such a simple tool could be used in schools.

So, my idea is this: next time you set your class the task of creating and illustrating a story that addresses a PSHE topic, why not also introduce some IT skills into the mix. They can either create their stories on the computer, using simple tools like Word and Paint, or write them by hand and scan them on to the PC. It then takes just a few clicks to upload the document onto Issuu and turn them into professional page-flip documents, not unlike our very own Citizenship Magazine.

Once you are on Issuu, you can also use it to connect to real authors or magazine companies, helping the children to learn about a whole new world of media and publishing. And seeing the products of their imaginations rendered so professionally will undoubtedly get them fired up about PSHE.

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